Antiques- Buying an Antique Tiffany Light

Buying a tiffany lamp has rarely been simpler. Prior to you begin your search; you must understand what you are searching for and the words that are used to depict tiffany lamps, tiffany style lamps, and tiffany reproduction lamps. Foremost, the phrase tiffany lamps have become rather generic as the years go by. Similar to how the term Kleenex is referred to as. Kleenex is really a name of a brand; even so, there are those who use it in place of the word facial tissue. The same with Tiffany Lamps. At one time, in the late 19th century whenever you heard of tiffany lamps it practically immediately brought to mind the lamps that were being manufactured by L.C. Tiffany, the master craftsman of the art nouveau movement. As time goes by the term tiffany lamps has been used in place of the term tiffany style lamps. Basically put, a tiffany style lamp, commonly referred to as a stained glass lamp, for example the Flowering Lotus Accent Lamp by Meyda Tiffany is a table lamp hand assembled using with handcrafted art glass (stained glass), and the copper foil method of soldering. Tiffany style table lamps are usually assembled using comparable designs and ideas of the early tiffany lamps, as seen in the well known Apple Orchard Table Lamp. The colours and designs have been updated too much better match with the decorating styles that are well-known these days.By clicking we get more information about the antique concepts.

Tiffany Reproductions Lamps are precisely that, reproductions of the original lamps by Louis Comfort Tiffany. This reproduction Tiffany lamps, like the well identified Tiffany wisteria lamps or the Tiffany Cob Internet lamps are exact replicas of the lamps developed by the master craftsman himself. These lamps are made by applying the lost wax method of metal casting which allows the original lamps to be duplicated to the smallest detail. These lamps are museum calibre and provide an attractive “Touch of Tiffany” without breaking your pocketbook.